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Air Liquide Welding group is a leading player in the development of welding and cutting technologies, offering the most complete range of related equipment, consumables and services on the market, through internationally well known brands as Oerlikon and SAF-FRO. With its Technical Centre for Welding Applications (CTAS), acknowledged as the largest private welding research centre in the world, Air Liquide Welding pursues continuous innovation, constantly striving to improve the performance, productivity, safety and comfort of operators.

Ceramic backing range for welding applicationFlux Cored Wires for welding applicationsMAG Welding installation Oxyflame and Plasma cutting machines 


Address: France, CERGY-PONTOISE, 95315 13, rue d'Epluches - Saint Ouen l'Aumône

Contact person: Segment Manager Lorenzo Coato ,e-mail, website

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CITOSTEEL 420 is perfect for carbon steel welding.
CITOSTEEL 420 features :
•Fully digital controlled inverter for process .
•Synergic mode,
•Soft switching inverter (increasing efficiency of the power source).

MAG Welding installation
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CITOFLUX - FLUXOFIL cored wires includes, rutile, basic and metal cored wires, bringing optimmal mechanical properties and deposition rate
Flux Cored Wires for welding applications
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KERALINE ceramic backings comprise 14 different profiles. KERALINE TA 3 and TM 1 are used extensively by shipbuilders.
Welding root runs on ceramic backing is a technique mainly used when single sided welding with MIG solid wire and cored wires.
Ceramic backing range for welding application

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